Earnest Money Deposit
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Earnest Money

Journey Title offers multiple Earnest Money Deposit Options for your convenience.

You can drop off or mail a check to 1910 Indianwood Circle Maumee, Ohio 43537, or leave it in the dropbox at the door. The dropbox is checked Monday-Friday at 10am.

You may also choose the online deposit option.

Please read below for more information on Earnest Money Deposits.

Start an Online Earnest Money Deposit

Submit your earnest money simply and securely online.

Online Earnest Money Deposit
When is Earnest Money Due?2022-10-03T17:52:52+00:00

Earnest money is usually due within three days of a signed and accepted offer. If you have to mail a check, as long as the postmark is on or before the date of the 3rd day, that is within the acceptable time period.

What Happens When Earnest Money is Deposited at Journey Title?2022-10-03T17:59:30+00:00

Once the earnest money is deposited, it stays in a designated trust account. The deposit will stay there until either the purchase contract is fully executed, or a release is signed by both parties.

What Happens If My Deposit Doesn’t Clear?2022-10-03T18:01:22+00:00

If your earnest money deposit gets returned for non-sufficient funds, all realtors will be notified immediately, and a $39 fee will be charged to the depositor.

How do I get my Earnest Money Refunded?2022-10-03T18:06:24+00:00

If you used the online earnest money deposit, your money can be refunded directly through payload once it has been in the account for 3-5 business days. If you dropped off a check or wired money, a check will be mailed to you.

Is There a Charge for Online Earnest Money Deposits?2022-10-04T00:29:01+00:00

There is a $9.00 fee to use the online earnest money deposit system.

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